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How do modules work?

Modules serve for simplification of work on a project. You can use module in other projects.

Starting partial.js project

Download modulesModule example

Module definition

// Module name: test
exports.install = function(framework, name) {

	// Initialize function (is executed automatically one time)


exports.myFunction = function(name) {
	return name;

exports.myProperty = 'Property';

Get values from modules



Monitoring modules

partial.js supports monitoring of modules via module usage. Usage example.

var counter = 0;

exports.install = function(framework, name) {
	framework.route('/module/', view_module);

exports.usage = function() {
	return 'Visits: ' + counter;

function view_module() {
	// this === controller
	this.plain('Module response.');

Global module

The global module is run as last and its name must be #.js. In global module you can define additional
functions (similarly as definition).